Work Culture

The Freedom work culture is oriented towards one common goal, to be the very best team on the rig. We are all driven to finish the job with speed, efficiency, and safe protocol. While many of our competitors are larger in size and register in familiarity with a wider radius of companies, our efficient work ethic, personal management code, and professional initiative put forth by all staff has been proven to corner out pieces of the market previously held by much larger and more established companies.

We understand everyone is different, with unique traits, aptitudes, and temperaments. Our personable managerial staff works seriously on ways to best utilize each employee’s skill sets and capitalize on their fortes while maintaining a standard of fairness so that no one employee’s efforts goes unnoticed, whether exceeding or falling short of expectations.

Core Values

Quality: The quality of our work has been distinguished by our clients as “exceptional”, “rapid” and “incomparable” when contrasted with other Colorado service companies. The pride and gratification we garner from our pristine marks however are only a percentage of delivering exemplary service. Our quick response time, focused superintendents, and well-worth it pricing all give answers to why no other service company has seized the northern Colorado market as Freedom Drilling Services.

Integrity: Integrity, defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles,” is the cornerstone that constructs the Freedom foundation. CEO Arin Hatfield embodies what it means to act out a high level of integrity and instills in the staff and management a sense of replication. While the workings and pursuits of any organization inevitably overshadows any one individual’s stature or wealth, we understand that a community is also made up of each individual member and the choices they act upon.

Self-sacrifice: Selflessness and being of services to others is one of our core values that subsets the overarching umbrella of integrity and vital when working together each day. We all have lives outside the work of Freedom, and stresses and bleed into our psyche and effect our performance. When an employee isn’t working at one hundred percent capacity another Freedom member needs to make up for the extra slack. Selflessness has been instilled in our work culture from CEO Arin Hatfield shoveling the mud in rig pits to office staff members filling in whenever we have cellars to clean.

Community: Our conglomerate staff, managerial team, and executives all strive daily to foster better communal relationships creating a positive and encouraging work atmosphere that is conducive for increased productivity and fluid communication. We are also steadfast on placing a high importance on positive task reinforcement creatingRig an overall optimistic atmosphere.