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For general inquiries, please email us at, or feel free to call: (970) 673-8465

Arin Hatfield – Owner &CEO  (303) 827-8595
Arin founded Freedom Drilling Services in 2017 with the help and support of two other entrepreneurs including co-founder and current shareholder Ian Ensell. Today, Freedom Drilling continues to find the right current in Service specialization, company relationships, and new ventures; While Arin has been the primarily vital, enthusiastic, visionary of the company’s growth; but what is more apparent when privileged by his company is unwavering integrity and generosity. Since earning a graduate degree in his mid-twenties he has proved a dedicated father of five, husband, and leader whose example many aim to emulate.

Jeremy George – Head Superintendent – (719)246-3114

Jeremy brings a decade of oil filed expertise to his role as our longest standing Superintendent. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of a site’s daily operations, a CDL certification, and is well acquainted with most every company man in the state. Jeremy not only pushes jobs to completion with vigor and professional enthusiasm, but also engages and guides the younger hands towards a meaningful life of good decision making.

Chris Lipe- Superintendent – (970) 673-5611

After successful working as a foreman for several years Chris took his hands-on and intangible talents to the oil field in 2003. Since then his superb work ethic has shone to serve him well; holding the position of Heavy equipment Operator and other roles varying in responsibilities and tasks.  He possesses a wide range of industry knowledge as well as on-the-job mechanical expertise and experience. He is also a certified CDL driver and possesses several other distinguishable qualifications.

Arturo Medrano – Field Superintendent – (530)370-3045

Arturo brings 13 years of hands-on oil field experience and a wide breath of knowledge that encompasses all of our service amenities. After excelling as a rough neck in California he has brought his multi-faceted skill set to Freedom where he holds one of our three Superintendent position. Arturo’s knowledge, work-ethic, and familiarity with the oil filed has proven to result in success and job completion.